Fuji 35mm f2 dpreview

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Fuji 35mm f2 dpreview

When a street- and lifestyle photographer whos absolute all-time favourite focal length is a 50mm full frame eq. So could Fujifilm do it? They can now start to add different variants of similar focal lengths, adding a higher level of diversity to the line-up. I know about the 56mm APD.

Thats a different story altogether. What I feel Fujifilm needs to accomplish when they take away an f-stop of light, is to add something else in other areas of the lens design. Something that will play on diversity, and give the photographer a choice depending on the task at hand. From what I saw from the reveal back in the beginning of I hence expected this lens to be:. When I received my test-copy of the lens the validity of the above 4 main points was of course what I said out to test.

Available in both black and silver finishes, I received the latter version. Regardless, it looks perfectly fine on the XT1 as well. Even on the black X-Pro1, but then again I have a thing for silver lenses on black bodies! The aperture diapragm is made up of 9 rounded blades. It has a near-focus limit of 35cm, and a maximum magnification of 0. Obviously the weather resistance shows.

It has a rubber ring to seal the mount. The aperture is very nice. To the firm side, but nice. This is probably also due to the fact that theres weather sealing behind it.

The manual focus ring is amazing. It has the same diameter at the mount, but obviously it thins alot towards the front of the lens. The finish on the lens is gorgeous. Its metal and glass.

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It has the right amount of weight and heft, and it really balances out well with the small X-series cameras. Various firmware updates to the lens have made it quite accurate and whole lot faster. Especially on the new FW 4.For those of you not familiar with Fujifilm's lens names, the 'XC' denotes the company's more affordable optics. It has a plastic mount and less-solid-feeling construction, and features neither an aperture ring nor weather sealing the 'R' and 'WR' in the XF version's name, respectively.

However, it does feature the same optics as the XF version, so image quality should be comparable. The result is a much more affordable 50mm-equivalent lens for newcomers wanting to expand their photography with a prime lens. Weighing just g and measuring AF operation is quick and near silent thanks to the use of an internal focus system and a stepping motor, which is used to drive the focusing elements quickly and accurately. For people like me, who just shoot for fun and have a hardware budget that corresponds with that, this is a really welcome strategy.

I would love to see Fuji making a XC 23 f2. I have looked at the XF 23 F2 but i don't think ill use it enough to justify the price. An XC-version of that lens would be a temptation, that's hard to resist. Given that this XC version of the 35mm focal length only gives up a metal mount and manually selectable apertures, will it really be as good, given that it's claimed to have the same optical cell?

If, yes, what a bargain. I prefer the aperture ring. But, this is a better value. I think the 1. Yes, I would like a cheaper 23mm 1. You get what you pay for.

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If you want it, buy it. I have nothing against plastic mounts but as I said in an earlier post I have had one break in a fall. The chances of it breaking are pretty none existent if you don't drop it! Funny, if I were to go to Fuji, it wouldn't be for this kind of lenses, but rather their metal-body lenses with a nice aperture rings. Is Fuji shifting its APS-C offering to more price-conscious photographers, while MF prices get lower every year and will become more acceptable for traditional high-end FF shooters?

Fuji wants both ends of the spectrum.The Fujinon XF 35mm f2 is a compact prime lens with standard coverage that performs much better than you might expect. With its tapered design and f2 aperture, you might assume the XF 35mm f2 plays second fiddle to the more serious-looking XF 35mm f1.

But in most of my tests, the newer lens out-performed the XF 35mm f1. Indeed in my night tests with both lenses, the newer model out-performed the older one in the mild-corner region. The superior performance from the new lens across much of the frame comes as no surprise if you examine the MTF charts for each, and see the XF 35mm f2 simply has a better profile for resolution. Both lenses are quite capable of blurring backgrounds, and rendering point sources into satisfying blobs at large apertures or with sharp diffraction spikes at small values.

You can see a full analysis on the first page of the review. Indeed while testing each lens side-by-side, I experienced few occasions where the older XF 35mm f1. I also think many existing owners of the XF 35mm f1. But this is just speculation. Good points Great performance at a low price. Compact and light body. Quick and quiet internal focusing.

Bad points Soft in the extreme corners at large apertures. Modest closest focusing distance of 35cm. No optical stabilisation. Diffraction spikes are better-defined on f1. All words, images, videos and layout, copyright Gordon Laing.

May not be used without permission. Summary The Fujifilm XF 35mm f2 is a compact prime lens with standard coverage that performs much better than you might expect.Dylan Goldby is an Aussie photographer living and working in South Korea. He shoots a mix of families, especially the adoptive community, and pre-weddings. His passions include travel, good food and drink, and time away from all things electronic.

Check out the Fstoppers Store for in-depth tutorials from some of the best instructors in the business. I have the 23mm 1.

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I'll settle for not shooting out in the rain and suffer just a tad on absolute image quality if it means i can nail an exposed shot in lighting where a 2. Kind of wondered why they just didn't make their WR line go down to 1. Home Gear. On an APS-C sensor, a 35mm lens is the "standard" lens. It is the equivalent of a 50mm on 35mm full-frame; a go-to for many. It took me a long time to learn to love this focal length, but once I got hooked, there was no turning back.

That was, until I spent some time with it. Let's dive right in an talk about this fantastic little piece of glass. Right from the get-go, you'll notice how tiny this lens is. It's even tiny for a Fuji X lens. In fact, it can actually be hard to mount to the camera because there is really no room to grip the lens. I found myself turning the aperture or focus ring instead of actually mounting the lens quite a few times.

Not only is it small, but it weighs practically nothing, as well. The telescoping barrel construction may not be for everyone, including myself. Personally, I have always disliked the look of lenses shaped this way, but if it helps to conserve weight and size even further, I'm all for it.

It's a Fujifilm lens. Nothing to really report about the build quality. It's fantastic. Weather sealing is a nice addition as well. I've been using this little guy in the dusty countryside of Myanmar for a week now, and have had no worries taking it through any conditions.

Fujifilm XC 35mm F2 Samples

Nothing you would really notice unless you had the two together. A couple of things of note are the focus and aperture rings.Handling and Features Performance Verdict Specification. It will be interesting to see how it delivers as we put it through its paces. There's no denying that nicely made lenses are a pleasure in themselves, small optical jewels.

This Fujifilm lens is beautifully made with a metal exterior, which results in a surprisingly heavy optic for its compact size. Its solidity is not in doubt and it bayonets firmly and smoothly onto the Fujifilm cameras.

fuji 35mm f2 dpreview

There is no rotational play in the mount when seated. The manual focusing ring is situated towards the front of the lens, is well ribbed for grip and turns smoothly. It has a fairly high resistance but this does give a good and reliable feel to manual focusing. Being electronic in operation, this is a very different feel to the traditional focusing ring.

Different, but neither better nor worse. There is an aperture ring towards the back of the lens. This is click-stopped in one-third of a stop increments, is silent and positive in operation and gives the impression of a high level of precision.

With the Fujifilm X-A1 used for this review, the more natural way to work seems to be using the aperture ring to make the settings. The lens markings are engraved with precision and filled with white paint, a small point maybe, but one that is a pointer to the quality standards adhered to, as this can be more durable than surface printing.

A small circular lens hood is supplied, which screws into the 43mm filter mount. This is perhaps not as convenient as a bayonet fitting hood but it is effective.

fuji 35mm f2 dpreview

The lens comprises 9 elements in 6 groups, two of these being aspherical. The angle of view quoted is This is, in fact, a slightly longer than usual standard, which some photographers may find to their liking, especially if they find themselves routinely cropping slightly.

The close focusing point of 35cm is slightly closer than the norm for a lens of this type, but nowhere near being a macro lens. For most general photography, it is close enough. In use, there are no particular glitches or hazards to using the lens. It focuses quickly and silently and even the click stops on the aperture ring are silent.

The nine-bladed diaphragm bodes well for bokeh and the Nano-GI coatings for resistance to flare, two very important aspects of performance.

Finally, weather resistance is very welcome and increasingly becoming an essential feature for lenses and camera bodies. The lens is also rated for use in temperatures as low as C.

Fujifilm announces affordable XC 35mm F2 prime lens

This is an exceptionally good result, commendable for its evenness across the aperture range. CA is so low in the centre of the field that it is almost banished and will not be a problem. The edge values are also very low, not quite as good as the centre, but still unlikely to be a problem even in critical photography.

fuji 35mm f2 dpreview

Distortion is well held and measures This is also unlikely to be a problem and in any event can be tackled in software. Flare resistance was superb, with the lens even handling the sun in frame with ease. All of the shots against the light have good solid colour and sharpness, with no trace of loss of contrast and no sign of internal reflections.

Bokeh is lovely and smooth, the almost perfectly circular diaphragm helping to achieve this.

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This attractive look to the out of focus areas holds well even with extremely busy looking backgrounds. Focusing is fast and silent and locks on every time. No hunting or hesitation was observed.

In summary, an impeccable performance all round.Submit a News Tip! Reading mode: Light Dark. Login Register. Best cameras and lenses.

fuji 35mm f2 dpreview

Brand index Fujifilm Fujifilm Lenses. Fujifilm XC 35mm F2 vs. Fujifilm XF 35mm F2. From other sample galleries. Tweets by dpreview. Fujifilm X-T Fujifilm XV. Fujifilm X-A7. Olympus Tough TG GoPro Hero8 Black. Navy Blue Angels Shades of Grey by avidly lucid from Face strike three in spring training by summicron from crying in baseball. Fujifilm XV 5. Shedding some light on the sources of noise. Reproduction in whole or part in any form or medium without specific written permission is prohibited.

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XF 35mm F2 WR Review

Canon Pro and matte paper?But this is not a deal breaker as this is a stellar lens. The only alternative to this lens is the Fuji 35mm 1. Enter the Fuji 35mm f2, a lens that not only has a very attractive price point release price but is also rangefinder lens size. The lens feels great in the hand and is small enough that it can be taken anywhere. It feels very solid but not premium, it also comes with a lens hood that feels of a different material than the lens.

It's the same 43mm thread that the Voigtlander 1. There is both an aperture ring and focus ring but no depth of field scale.

The lens is also Weather resistant if you need something like that. As always, I believe that all of the modern cameras and lens have good enough quality and to talk about it would be boring and redundant. If you've used any Fuji lens, this lens is Fuji quality. I really doesn't take up much space with a camera body so it's easy to take it anywhere. The f2 might not be as fast as the 1.

You really can't go wrong with a 50 if you ask me! Let's get to working with the lens shall we? The two things to know if you are into portraits is that the lens is not only sharp and does great Bokeh, it allows you to focus close enough in order to really have a nice headshot. As you can see the lens allows you not only to blur the background but also to remove your subject from their background by going in close enough. It allows you to create images that seem you were close but in reality you are not that close to the subject.

Just like everything in life, the focal length will open up the more you use and work it. I've tried to do some hip shots and it's a bit difficult at first but once you get used to it you can start making some nice images. Between you and me I was a bit afraid to use this lens too much for street photography because I didn't want it to start affecting the way I shoot, it's that good! Since the body and lens were so light, it is possible to shoot pretty much all day and have no wrist pain issues.

If you reading this section, you are probably interested in street photography. All about street photography! The 35mm is probably he kind of lens that might end up glued to your camera because it's easy to pick up and go. But above all I believe that the best part about this lens is that I trust it…. While not a true 35mm it's effectively a 53mm The Fuji 35mm f2 is a great fixed lens that has everything going for it: A great focal length that is great for portraits and street among other things, a very attractive price and is rangefinder sized with a fast f2 lens.

This Fuji lens is highly recommended and it's probably on it's way to be glued to your camera. Pingback: Fuji 35mm f2 review: A small but wonderful lens Olivier Duong. Aye I made a factual error. You know what happened? I got confused with the focal lengths. In my mind I switched the the 35mm 1. So thanks for this, you are correct and fixed the mistake promptly.


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