Trane serial number chart

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Trane serial number chart

For Trane, you should look for the last two numbers of the first numbers after a cluster of letters at the beginning of the model number. It will be a number divisible by 6 or 12, and represents the nominal BTU of the system in thousands.

A ton of air conditioning equals 12, BTU, and 36 divided by 12 equals 3, so the data plate below indicates the system is 3 tons. And this is another one that is 2. Also, Trane is the only brand we are familiar with that occasionally lists a two-digit number for the thousands of BTU rating that is not divisible by 6 or 12—but close. The condenser below would be considered a 4 ton unit.

How Do You Look up a Trane Serial Number?

RLA is an acronym for R ated L oad A mperage, and is what the maximum amperage should be when the condenser up and running. If you divide the RLA by 6 for older units and 5 or 6 for newer units, you should get a number that approximates not exactly the tonnage of the system.

It averages around five times the RLA. To determine the age of a Trane system, go to our blog post How do I determine the age of a Trane or American Standard air conditioner? What's wrong? McGarry and Madsen's home inspection blog for buyers of.

trane serial number chart

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How to Decode the Trane Model Number

The 4th alphanumeric will be a letter. It's order in the alphabet is the month of manufacture. The letter "I" is skipped, not used, due to the possibility of it being mistaken for the numeral "1". For example, in the made up serial number "L09H", the 4th character is "H", which is the 8th letter, that means the 8th month - August.

This style of serial number has been used since, I think, the late 's. Thank you for explaining the first 4 characters in the Trane Serial Number Nomenclature for Chillers.

Originally Posted by GreenQueen. Please read this Valves, Regulators, Filters, Etc. Subscribe to this feed. People: December The Unsafe Superstar.

Code Quiz of the Week: No. All times are GMT The time now is AM. All rights reserved. The rest of the serial number simply is to identify that particular chiller. I've started multiple chillers at one site, that were all part of one sales order, and saw that the last 5 characters were in sequential order. For example, 2 chillers, with one having the serial number "L09H" and the other "L09H". A lot of information is contained in the Model Number.

The nominal size is given in the 5th, 6th, and 7th characters. Those are then multiplied by 10 to get the nominal size, in tons. The chiller would have been designed for that particular customer, for his particular application and target efficiency, so its actual rated tonnage will most likely vary from that.

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For example, let's use car engines. If Chevy designed and built cars the same way as large chillers are built, then if you and your neighbor each bought new cars with the same size engine, that looked identical, they may in fact be different.

Imagine you have a larger family, like to drive faster, cruise in the mountains. You may both have a 5. Using the serial number, a call to your local office will help to identify the exact design tonnage.Find information about Trane serial numbers at Trane.

Click the Go to Trane Residential link under the Residential heading on the home page. Use the information to locate the serial number of a thermostat, air handler, energy recovery ventilator, humidifier or air conditioner.

Indoor coil, heat pump, air cleaner and packaged unit serial number location information is also available. The information provided includes a diagram of the product and a description of the serial number's location. The serial number on a packaged unit is found on the unit's rear panel. Air conditioners and heat pumps have serial numbers on the top, right rear area of the unit. Furnaces have serial numbers on either the right or left panel.

Indoor coil units and air handlers have serial numbers on the front panel. The serial number on Trane air cleaners is found on the back of the door.

trane serial number chart

Humidifiers and energy recovery ventilators have the number on the bottom of the unit. Print the information, or contact the installer for further assistance.The unit is in to good of condition to be aunless it has been in storage for the last 20 years. The AC unit in a How can I tell the age of a Trane furnace from the serial number?

Beginning inage is a number followed by a letter in the serial number. Beginning a letter was used in the first position to designate the year followed by the week. Beginning in the first digit of the serial number is the year followed by the week.

Date of manufacture is on the data plate most of the time, but not always. Beginning in they began using alpha codes in their serial numbers to determine year of manufacture.

They began with the letter B and skipped a couple of letters during the years… The first letter of the serial number gives the year of manufacture: ". As it turns out the furnace was being used as an air handler for the Central Air. Never used as a furnace until this year when the boiler was removed. Thank You Roy. Date of manufacture is on the data plate most of the time, but not always Beginning in they began using alpha codes in their serial numbers to determine year of manufacture.Beginning inthe first two digits are the year.

The serial number below indicates the furnace was manufactured in The ANSI standard gets updated every several years, so the year of the ANSI should be the same or a just few years earlier that what the serial number says.

The serial number on the example below indicates it was manufactured inand the ANSI confirms it. Notice that the year that the letter indicates is corroborated by the year of the ANSI rating above it, which should be the same year or just a few years earlier.

Many, but not all, furnace data plates will also state the month and year of manufacture somewhere on the data plate, like the examples below. For other key specs of your HVAC system, see one of these other blog posts:. To learn more about heating and air conditioning systems, see these other blog posts:.

What's wrong? McGarry and Madsen's home inspection blog for buyers of. About Us. Electrical Receptacle Outlets. Search This Site. Aging in Place. Doors and Windows. Energy Efficiency. Fireplaces and Chimneys. Heating and Air Conditioning. Home Inspection.

trane serial number chart

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Life Expectancy.We also install Trane residential furnaces and air conditioners. The Trane residential furnace model number descriptions below will help you to decode the model number on the furnace. Furnace model numbers are found on a sticker inside the front cover of a Trane furnace. The sticker is usually found to one side of the furnace inducer. We have a triple A rating with the Better Business Bureau and we do it right.

NOTE: This information has not been certified by the manufacturer. ENSURE that you verify all of this model number information with the manufacturer before using this information to make equipment selection or repair decisions. The furnace type listed in the nomenclature below refers to the AFUE rating of the furnace. Nothing stops a Trane. Our office number is In addition to the Trane Residential Furnace Model Number, referencing the product serial number is useful for identifying when the piece of HVAC equipment was manufactured.

Select the desired type of HVAC equipment. Then look up the equipment brand, such as Trane, by the alphabetic order that also has a drop down menu for selecting the particular brand. Then the various formats that the manufacturer provides serial numbers in is shown. Identify the appropriate serial number format and the site shows which numbers in the serial number are for the year of manufacture.

Check out our Home Page here to learn more about us. And for information on what maintenance items that homeowners can do to maintain their HVAC systems operating efficiently, refer to this blog. For a description of what the MERV rating on air filters means, refer to this blog.

For a good discussion on what air filter would be best, refer to this blog. And for tips on troubleshooting a gas valve failure, refer to this blog. For technical material on troubleshooting a low voltage transformer failure, refer to this blog. For information on how to properly connect the primary side of a low voltage transformer on roof top units, refer to this blog. And for a description of Trane roof top unit model numbers, refer to this blog.

For a description of Armstrong furnace model numbers, refer to this blog.Model numbers, to the untrained eye, can seem a little like a foreign language. Still, each letter and number means something. Usually, people don't care enough to decode model numbers, but sometimes you need to know what they mean. Trane T-Series air conditioners have model numbers that tell everything from the size of the unit to whether the system has had major upgrades.

Decoding the model number takes patience, but if you focus on a few letters or numbers at a time, you'll break the code quickly. Look at the first number on the outside unit's model number. The model number starts with a two or four. This number represents the type of refrigerant the system uses. Two stands for R and four stands for RA. Notice the next three letters.

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T stands for Trane. The following letter represents the product type. W stands for split heat pump and T stands for split cooling.

The third letter equals the product family. Take a look at the number in the fifth place. This is the unit's Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.

Move to position six. Zero indicates the system's connections are brazed or soldered.

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Positions seven and eight indicate how many BTUs the unit produces in thousands. Check out position nine, which represents any type of major modifications done to the system since it was originally manufactured.

trane serial number chart

Position number ten indicates the power supply voltage. Look at position eleven, twelve and thirteen. These numbers represent any secondary function. Position fourteen stands for minor design modifications and position fifteen indicates the unit part's identifier code.

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